"What the rays of the sun are about flowers are smiles on Humanity," George Elliott,

We all need a smile in the hectic day! But to have a healthy and beautiful one, we need to take care every day!

We, your friends at Dental Clinic „Dr. Alexander Valev“, are at your disposal with our knowledge, expertise and skills!

No matter if your teeth and gums are healthy, or you have a pressing problem, we could help you with advice about the everyday care and hygiene, prophylactic and treatment, for achieving and maintaining a healthy and beautiful smile!

When you trust us, you will be able to rely on all this in a cozy atmosphere amongst experienced and gentle experts in all areas of dental medicine: implantology, estetic dentistry, full treatment on abrasive and erosive teeth.

Our Clinic uses the latest dental equipment, while we incessantly perfect ourselves, so that we could offer you a beneficial collaboration in the name of your healthy and beautiful smile, which is priceless! We invest in knowledge, skills and modern equipment every day, to offer you the smile you dream of at optimal prices, with maximal quality and guarantee for longevity!

Visiting the Dentist is often associated with pain and fear. With us, you don’t need to worry about unpleasant experiences. Lack of time is also a factor, especially nowadays, but when health is concerned, every one of us has the duty to find the time.

Our advice to you is – maintain daily hygiene of your teeth and gums, visit your dentist regularly and at least every six months, don’t postpone the treatment until the pain becomes unbearable! This could be even life-threatening!

Please, welcome to Dental Clinic „Dr. Aleksandar Valev“, to get your healthier and prettier smile – now! Because, as the English writer George Eliot said, “what sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity”!


Photos from our clinic