6 Reasons not to be afraid of an upcoming tooth extraction

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6 Reasons not to be afraid of an upcoming tooth extraction

6 Reasons not to be afraid of an upcoming tooth extraction




Dentophobia - the fear of dentists and dental procedures - is one of the most common and discussed phobias in the world. According to statistics, for every 5 people, at least two experience a frantic fear even at the thought of visiting their personal dentist.

Undoubtedly, tooth extraction is one of the "scariest" procedures for the patient. The truth is that we do not need to have dentophobia to experience some anxiety in such an intervention.

But as with all other phobias, the fear of dentists can be overcome or at least minimized with good knowledge. Fear in itself, in a purely psychological dimension, is almost always a concern for something we do not know or understand. Therefore, with a high enough level of awareness, each patient can reduce his feelings of anxiety and fear, as long as his dentist informs him in time, clear enough and understandable about everything ahead.

In this regard, it is quite logical, in our opinion, that people do not worry so much before extracting a tooth. And to bring additional information about this procedure, we have prepared exactly five good reasons not to be so afraid before tooth extraction.

Reason 1 - To remove the tooth is the right decision of the dentist, after it you will feel better!

The truth is that tooth extraction occurs only when it is actually necessary. No dentist will take such an action if there is still little hope and a real chance that the tooth will heal and stay where it belongs. But the location of an extremely diseased or severely damaged tooth is certainly not in your mouth. Staying there can cause you pain and also put neighboring teeth and gums at risk. Such teeth are a "gateway" for pathogenic bacteria to the internal environment of the body. Bacteria that get into the bloodstream in this way, ram allergies, can cause inflammation of the brain, heart, eyes and more.

Reason 2 - No, it won't hurt as much as you think!

There is no dentist who can remove a tooth without prior anesthesia. Of course, without it, the pain would be frantic. But modern dental methods and practices should not allow any patient to experience it. The pain will be avoided by local anesthesia. The place will tingle from it and during the procedure you will not feel anything.

Reason 3 - Recovery is not so traumatic and slow

In fact, you may experience discomfort for the first few days. But in this case it is literally a situation of "every miracle in three days." After these three days, the place will begin to recover, and you should not do much for this purpose, except to follow the instructions of your dentist, to maintain perfect oral hygiene and to visit the dentist more often, so as not to leads to tooth extraction.

Reason 4 - Complications are rare, not practical

Complications are possible, but in practice they can occur after root canal treatment. Another question is how common they are. The statistics are clear that if patients follow all the instructions of the dentist, the complications after tooth extraction will be minimized. Here is the place to add that complications occur as a result of infection, so it is important not to smoke and maintain good oral hygiene after the procedure.

Reason 5 - Remember that you are in the hands of a professional

Tooth extraction is performed by both experienced dentists and qualified maxillofacial surgeons. These are people who have performed the procedure thousands of times. Moreover, tooth extraction is a minimally complex intervention for them. Dental specialists perform much more difficult, difficult and lengthy procedures. That is why you need to make sure that your dentist knows what he is doing and you are in safe hands. After all, dentists are for this - to maintain the health of our oral cavity and find the best solution for each case.

Cause 6 - An implant can be placed in the same procedure

This is a great opportunity for people who are afraid of surgery to get a new tooth during the extraction. A single anesthetic is needed to remove the tooth, place the dental implant, take the impression and place the crown.

There is nothing scary about the tooth extraction procedure. Especially when you are in reliable and safe hands. We remind you that at the Alexander Valev Dental Clinic you are in just such a place - a reliable, safe place where they will respond to your needs and reassure you of any worries.