Where is Alexander Valev Dental Clinic located?

Alexander Valev Dental Clinic is located in Sofia, 84 Al. Stamboliyski Blvd., 7th floor, office 37


What are the working hours of the dental clinic?

The working hours of Alexander Valev Dental Clinic are from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 19:00

What dental services does the clinic offer?

Alexander Valev Dental Clinic offers a wide range of dental services - placement of dental implants, complete treatment with implants, aesthetic fillings and fibro-bridges.

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Is anesthesia paid for?

For our team, the comfort of patients during treatment is important, so the anesthesia is free.

What are the prices of the dental clinic?

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What types of dental implants are there?

According to the material from which the dental implants are made, they are titanium and zirconium. The use of zircon implants is very limited.

Implants can be one-part and two-part. Single-piece implants have many disadvantages and one advantage - there is no gap in which bacteria can be retained. The two-part ones allow precise imprinting, precise fabrication and fixing of the crown. If you need to change the inclination of the crown, angled superstructures solve the problem.

What are the prices of dental implants?

The cost of treatment with dental implants includes the doctor's fee, the price of the implant (implant, superstructure and screw for their connection) and the fee of the dental technician for making the crown. With additional procedures, such as tooth extraction, placement of artificial bone, increase in the volume of the bone and / or gum, placement of a temporary crown, etc. - the price increases.

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