The most popular myths about dental implants

Dental implants

The most popular myths about dental implants


The most popular myths about dental implants


In modern dental medicine are introduced more and more innovative methods for treatment and improvement of the overall vision of the teeth. They take on the role of substitutes for already very outdated, not so effective, and even rejected techniques in dental medicine. But as with any innovation, new techniques in dentistry have certain myths that should be debunked before undergoing specific treatment.
Today, we take on the difficult task of disproving the most popular myths related to dental implants.

Implant placement is accompanied by a lot of pain

In fact, like most modern dental procedures, this one is accompanied by anesthesia. It can be local and complete, which automatically leads to the conclusion that there is no pain. In implantology, the discomfort is reduced to almost zero. By the way, this myth is the reason why many patients abandon the actually so effective option - both aesthetically and functionally - to replace a missing tooth.

Dental implants fall out often

The truth is that implant treatment is one of the most reliable with an extremely high success rate, over 97%

A dental implant is an expensive investment

At first glance, this is the truth, but if you look more closely at the problem, you will easily find out for yourself that the implant is worth every penny spent. Why? First of all, let's not forget that when it comes to health, any savings are not just unnecessary, but also unprofitable. It is much more profitable to rely on a safe and quality treatment than on a temporary solution, which can subsequently recur the problem, and even create new ones. Secondly, it is appropriate to make a comparison with the alternative of implantology, namely the placement of a bridge. The truth is that the cost of a crown implant is the same as a nice three-crown bridge. The duration and effect of bridge treatment are much shorter. In fact, a dental implant even saves you money, in the short and long term.

Implantology is not an applicable treatment for every patient

There is a myth that a dental implant is often rejected by the body. The truth is that such cases are possible, but they are extremely rare. The reason is that the implant itself is made of bio-tolerant materials that are compatible with the natural environment in the oral cavity. If we have to be precise, implantology is possible as a method of treatment for a missing tooth in 98% of cases. Even if the implant falls off, this will not create a problem for the patient, and in addition, the intervention can always be repeated.

Because the implants are visible, they do not achieve a good aesthetic effect

Exactly the opposite! Implants are among the best quality aesthetic solutions in case of a missing tooth. One of their main advantages is the great final visual result on the smile. In practice, only patients themselves will be aware that they have implants. Before the crown is placed on the implant, the dental technician must make it, which is extremely precise in achieving compliance with the color, shape, arrangement of the other teeth.

Dental implants are not worth it because they need to be replaced often

We have already hinted at this advantage of implantology - its long-term results. However, we will say it once again, and clearly enough. Dental implants have an extremely long shelf life and replacement is quite rare, especially if the patient takes strict care of good oral hygiene. It is about at least 20 years of shelf life of a well-built and precisely placed dental implant.

And when it comes to care, it is said that dental implants require very special care!

No such thing. To enjoy a long time of your beautiful and snow-white smile with the presence of an implant, you just need to maintain good oral hygiene. In fact, if you have been strict in this regard, you should not change anything in particular in your habits - regular brushing with a quality product, a healthy diet, use of mouthwash and floss, and regular visits to your dentist.

Implant placement leads to migraines

There are no clinical tests proving such a side effect of implantology.

It doesn't matter what the type of implant is

There are two main materials used to make a dental implant - zirconium and titanium. However, the first is rarely used and it is very rare for dentists to rely on zirconium implants in their practice. As you can guess, the reason is that they are less successful than titanium.

We hope that by debunking the main myths about implantology, we have convinced at least a small part of you to take advantage of this unique innovation in dentistry. For more explanations and consultations we are waiting for you at the Dental Clinic Aleksandar Valev.