Aesthetic fillings

All photos on this page were taken by the team of
Dental clinic Aleksandar Valev, during the treatment of our patients

Today, the aesthetic requirements are too high in any area and direct restorations are no exception, especially when they are on the front teeth. Our dentists are highly qualified and work with dedication and desire. Since we have invested a great deal in training and dedicate a great deal of time and effort to each patient, the use of cheap materials is unjustified.


Tooth restoration / seal /

Each dentist working in our clinic makes the aesthetic fillings so that it lasts for many years and meets the aesthetic requirements of the patient. The purpose of the treatment is to restore the correct anatomical shape of the tooth and contact with the adjacent and opposite teeth, as well as to achieve a smooth transition between the aesthetic fillings and the tooth.


Естетични пломби

Standard and widely practiced photopolymer treatment takes 15-20 minutes, but does not provide the necessary guarantees of quality and durability.
In order to adapt properly and adhere properly to the tooth, the photopolymer must be treated in a time-consuming manner. The tooth must also be isolated from moisture in the oral cavity by the use of cofferdam. Strictly following the technology that guarantees quality, we produce one seal within 40 to 60 minutes.

Use of cofferdam

It is important to know that during aesthetic restoration, the tooth must be completely isolated from the saliva in the mouth. In the presence of moisture, the photopolymer does not adhere to the tooth and in the resulting microprocess begins caries, the diagnosis of which is possible a few years later and usually has fatal effects on the tooth. The cofferdam tooth that is isolated is much better and more contrasting, allowing even the smallest caries to be removed.

In order not to hold food between the teeth, it is necessary to keep the teeth in close contact with each other after placing the seal. To achieve this, we use anatomically curved disposable matrices in our clinic to reproduce the shape of the tooth.


Цялостно лечение при изтрити и абразирани зъби

Keeping to the highest medical standards and using quality innovative materials, we guarantee that your seal will be aesthetic and long lasting.

The DENTAL CLINIC ALEKSANDAR VALEV team is specialized in treating patients who want invisible restorations to their front teeth and do not want their teeth to be crowned.

All photos on this page were taken by the team of
Dental clinic Aleksandar Valev, during the treatment of our patients