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What sunshine is to flowers,

smiles are to humanity


George Eliot, an English Writer from 19th Century

We all need a smile in the hectic day! But to have a healthy and beautiful one, we need to take care every day!

We, your friends at Dental Clinic „Dr. Aleksandar Valev“, are at your disposal with our knowledge, expertise and skills!


Whether your teeth and gums are healthy or you have an urgent problem, we can be useful to you. We will give you advice on hygiene, prevention and treatment, to achieve and maintain a healthy and beautiful smile! When you trust us, you will be able to count on all this in a cozy atmosphere among experienced and attentive professionals in all areas of dentistry: implantology, aesthetic restorations, complete treatment with implants, endodontics, digital implantology, surgery, periodontology and treatment of erased teeth.

Our clinic is equipped with the most modern dental equipment, and we are constantly improving. So we can offer you a fruitful cooperation, in the name of your healthy and beautiful smile, and it is priceless! We invest daily in knowledge, skills and modern equipment to offer you the smile you dream of! With us, you do not need to worry about unpleasant sensations. Hasty daily life is also a factor, especially nowadays, but for our health, each of us must find time.

Many reasons lead to the avoidance or long delay of a dental examination. This can lead to serious and sometimes difficult to repair damage to teeth and gums - caries, pulpitis, granulomas and more. And they, in the long run, can negatively affect your quality of life and even increase the cost of subsequent treatment.

Our tips to you are - maintain daily hygiene of teeth and gums. Visit your dentist at least once every 6 months. Do not delay the treatment. Welcome to ALEKSANDAR VALEV DENTAL CLINIC to get your healthier and more beautiful smile - now! Because, as the writer George Elliott said, what the sun's rays are for the flowers are the smiles for Humanity!



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