Ivan Budakov

Ivan Budakov

She graduated from Dental Medicine in 2016 at the Faculty of Dental Medicine at the Medical University of Sofia. She specializes in direct aesthetic restorations, periodontics and endodontics.

Operational Field Isolation Course with Lecturer Dr. Filippo Cardinali 11/22/2014

Participation in the Fifth Scientific Congress of the BSA 21-22.11.2015

Practical course “Crown Down Engineering with Machine Tools” Dr. Potter Rope 21-22.11.2015

Direct Composite Facets Course – Aesthetic Alternative – Dr. Marieta Docheva 2017

Course “Smile Recovery with Non-Aging Structures” Dr. Anton Petev 26-29.09.19

Course “Minimally Invasive Endodontic Treatment” – Prof. Giuseppe Cantatore 2.11.19

Course “Development of Irrigation and Obstruction in Endodontics” – Prof. Giuseppe Cantatore 3.11.19