Ilonna Georgieva

Dr. Ilonna Georgieva

Ilonna Georgieva

She graduated from the Faculty of Dental Medicine at the Medical University of Sofia in 2019. In the same year she started working at the Dental clinic Aleksandar Valev. Their interests are mainly focused on endodontics, aesthetic and restorative dental medicine. Attends various courses related to complete rehabilitation of the oral cavity, direct and indirect aesthetic restorations.

Masterclass “Complete treatment with direct restorations for severely damaged teeth” – Sergey Radlinsky (Ukraine), April 2013

Direct Composite Restoration Practice Course – Simone Moret (Leuven, Belgium), September 2014

Direct Adhesives and Restorations in Posterior Sections – Course – Gianfranco Politano (Italy), May 2015

Seminar “Occlusion, Function and Aesthetics” – Dr. Kiril Dinov, Claudio Nanini, April 2016

Course “Restoration of severely damaged teeth and restoration of endodontically treated teeth” – Jan Bergmans (Belgium), March 2017.

Masterclass “Systematic Restoration of Dental Erasure, Diagnosis and Restoration of the Upper and Lower Jaws” – Sergey Radlinsky (Ukraine), December 2017

Seminar “Healing Strategies for Overall Rehabilitation” – Dr. Kiril Dinov, November 2019