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Every dentist, working in our clinic, is making the seal so that it can last for long years and please the aesthetic demandings of the patient. The point of the treatment is to restore the right anatomical form of the tooth and the contacts with the ... Learn more

Veneers are porcelain flakes with thickness 0,3-0,7mm, which stick to the front surface of the teeth after minimal or no firing. They have very good and long-lasting aesthetic result. Compared with the direct restorations the effect is more long-last... Learn more

The best and long-lasting results are achieved with the so-called home whitening with braces. After taking prints, individual soft braces are made onto gypsum patterns. The procedure is harmless and painless. As a side effect sometimes there is a sen... Learn more

Reasons for the teeth recessions are wrongly brushing, misplaced teeth or poorly made crowns and seals. The treatment consist of cleaning the root surface, removing and correcting the seals or crowns, orthodontic treatment and surgically moving the g... Learn more

Erasing teeth is a physiological process, which starts in childhood firstly by rounding the tips of the dog teeth. In more advanced erasing, combined with chemical erosion or with many old restorations with poor quality, the relief of the teeth gradu... Learn more

As one of the most reliable treatments (over 97% success) the implantology is getting more and more popular. With implants, one or several teeth can be restored without firing the others. Learn more

Reasons for the paradontosis are the plaque and the tartar. The teeths plaque is formed from food residues - mainly pasta and bacteria. In their metabolic processes, the bacteria emit acid, which irritate the gums and melts the bone. Symptoms of gin... Learn more

Бондингът е процедура, при която зъбите се възстановяват или коригират директно в устата на пациента след премахване на кариесите и старите пломби. Резултатът е високо естетичен, свързан с минимално или никакво изпиляване на зъбите. Предимство на леч... Learn more

Зъбните корони се циментират върху зъбите, като ги покриват изцяло.Използването им се налага при силно разрушени зъби, които не могат да бъдат възстановени по друг начин. Според материалите, от които се изработват могат да бъдат изцяло порцеланови ил... Learn more