What is a sinus lift?

Какво представлява синус лифт?

What is a sinus lift?

What is a sinus lift?


Sinus lift is a relatively new type of surgery. It is performed for purely dental purposes. Sinus lift first appeared as a dental therapy in the 70s of the 20th century. Once established for its high effectiveness in the treatment of serious problems, mainly related to the lack of whole teeth, the procedure is not only gaining popularity, but also increases its frequency of use by dentists around the world. Today, sinus lift is a surgical intervention that is part of the package of services of a number of our dental specialists. In this article we will explain exactly what the procedure is, when it needs to be performed, as well as its essence in detail.

When is it necessary to resort to a sinus lift?

The sinus lift intervention is inextricably linked to dental implants. One of the basic rules in implantology is the presence of a sufficient amount of bone as a prerequisite and condition for successful implantation of a new tooth. In practice, however, such a bone does not always exist, and sometimes it exists, but in insufficient quantities. Usually, a similar development occurs when implants are placed to restore the masticatory teeth in the upper jaw.

What exactly is a sinus lift?

This is a completely surgical procedure. Generally speaking, a sinus lift allows the bone to regenerate itself, and from there to reach the required amount, which is enough to place an implant. In other words, it is a type of bone augmentation, ie an increase in the available natural bone. In purely technical terms, a sinus lift is a lifting floor of the maxillary sinus. It should be noted that the sinus lift is applied to increase the bone only in the upper jaw. This is understood from the very name of the procedure. As you know, the sinuses are located on both sides of the nose. They are too close to the jaw itself, so when it is necessary to place an implant in this part of the jaw, an increase in bone volume is required. And this is possible only by lifting the sinuses themselves. If the procedure is successful, the amount of bone reaches a level that allows the implantation of a new tooth or several.

Types of sinus lift

This surgical intervention in the field of dental implantology is divided into two types. The classification uses the factor access to the sinus cavity itself:

Lateral (open) sinus lift. Here the access is from the cell wall. For this purpose, the soft tissues are thoroughly prepared. To reach the sinus, a small window in the bone "opens". The necessary bone substitute is placed through this hole. This substitute is called a bone graft. Depending on the amount of natural bone available, the implant can be placed immediately or several months later.
Crystal (closed) sinus lift. In this case, access is from the alveolar ridge. The bone graft is placed through an opening that has already been made for the placement of the future implant. The implant is placed immediately.

Risks and possible complications after sinus lift

Of course, like any surgery, there are possible risks and complications. That is why it is especially important to perform a sinus lift with special care. Possible complications are associated with the appearance of infection and subsequent inflammation. Proper drug prophylaxis, however, can solve the problem. Another possible complication due to sinus lift is perforation of the sinus membrane. Depending on the degree of rupture, it may be necessary to terminate the entire preliminary intervention and have it carried out after two to three months.

The most serious and definite contraindication for sinus lift is the presence of chronic sinusitis or polyps in the sinus.

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